Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Any syllabus yet?

A graduate student asked me today,
I was wondering if I can bug you for some information about LIS 875. Do you have a syllabus yet? If not, do you have an idea of what the reading list will look like? And what kind of assignments do you foresee?
Here was my somewhat unsatisfying, but honest, response:
This is a totally new course for me; no syllabus yet, no reading list yet, though I've been working through candidate  materials for a few months now.  I expect I will throw a wide array of strange article-length readings at students, and probably ask students to seek out and report upon one or two books each during the course of the semester.  It will very much be a reading and writing seminar so I will want students to work through lots of material together, taking turns leading discussions and posing critical questions for the whole group to ponder, but also to strike out on their own and put together some sort of individual research or review project for the main part of the grade.  We will try to get guests to come and talk with us from a variety of perspectives.  And I may try to get the group to collaborate on some sort of loose, collective statement on what the "future of print" has been, could be, and/or should be.  
So if you're up for some educational experimentation and "innovation" this spring, register now!

(I promise to have an actual syllabus and reading list by January ... and I may drop some hints and spoilers here in the blog along the way.)

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