Sunday, January 27, 2013

Greg's Introduction

Happy New Year (and Semester)!

My name is Greg, and I am looking forward to this interesting topic. I had the opportunity to TA for Prof. Downey last semester in his class about the Information Society, and I am excited to study some of the topics we touched upon in that class in more depth. After finishing my degrees in the History Department here a few years ago, I am back in school taking classes (mostly) about archives and about digital libraries and other new technologies to try and learn more skills for the job market.

One of my many campus jobs is working on the stat crew for the UW basketball teams.

Here is me in the background of a picture of Kam Taylor paying defense against Ohio State a few years ago. I am the last person on the far right sitting at the scorers' table. Fun fact: I was most likely saying "JV 12" when this picture was taken.

<-------- Greg.

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