Monday, January 28, 2013

Late, as usual

Hi, folks. Late to the punch, but I hope Greg won't yank the bowl away!

So, I'm Dorothea Salo (SLIS page, somewhat out-of-date professional site, and yes, I really need to do something about that) and I teach various tech courses and other odds and ends for SLIS.

My personal history spans a lot of what I anticipate we'll be talking about in class. After bombing out of grad school in the late '90s, I worked as an SGML/XML conversion peasant and typesetter for a small company in Madison that no longer exists. (The typesetting system I used also no longer exists. RIP Penta, you crotchety old monster. You and I made some beautiful type together.) While I was there, the dot-com boom in full swing, I worked on The Standard Currently Known As .epub, which back then went by the ungainly monicker of "Open eBook Publication Structure."

Long story short, I came to SLIS in 2003, had Greg completely blow my mind about all things labor, graduated in 2005, and promptly found myself in the thick of the open-access movement. Which has a... vexed history in academic librarianship, and I'll leave it at that lest I start foaming at the mouth. I was also part of the original engine behind what's now Research Data Services.

In 2007, Kristin Eschenfelder approached me to design and teach what is now LIS 644 "Digital Trends, Tools, and Debates." I taught off and on for SLIS and Illinois's GSLIS until 2011, when I made the leap to SLIS mostly-full-time. I'll be truly-full-time starting July, with some of my time given to continuing education for librarians.

For those who are interested in my what-is-UP-with-publishing-seriously-WHAT course, last year's REM filk is still available (yes, I performed this, because I have no dignity whatever). I'm going to redo some stuff for this summer, and obviously there's lots of new stuff to talk about, notably the Aaron Swartz tragedy and the outcome of Wiley v. Kirtsaeng.

No pictures. What does anybody need to see more of my ugly mug for?

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