Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Readings for February 04

OK, now that we've explored some different views of the "future of print" from different historical periods (and different kinds of interests) I've chosen four "theoretical and conceptual tools" articles that I think will be useful for our next step in this seminar.  They can be found in the readings repository under these titles:

  • Darnton R 1982 Daedalus = What is the history of books
  • Pawley C 2002 BookH = Seeking 'significance' - Actual readers, specific reading communities
  • Striphas T 2009 ch 01 = E-books and the digital future
  • Thompson J 2010 ch 00 = Merchants of Culture ~ Introduction

Besides reading all the articles, here are your individual blog assignments to be completed at least 12 hours before the February 04 session:

  • Bard - Darnton article analysis
  • Bond - Pawley article analysis
  • Bottomley - Striphas article analysis
  • Ineichen - Thompson article analysis
  • Marshall - track down author Darnton
  • Meneses-Hall - track down author Pawley
  • Pegues - track down author Striphas
  • Roeder - track down author Thompson
  • Stalker - come up with three or four overriding questions

During and after class, the rest of you have these assignments:

  • Boehm and Toff - take detailed notes in class
  • Zhang - do a "next steps" literature search to suggest two articles that build on these four

This is not a big reading assignment -- only four articles -- but they are all substantial reads, and we will really work these pieces in detail over our two-plus hours.  Figure we will spend the first hour on Darnton and Pawley, and the second on Striphas and Thompson, with time left over for breaks and determining next steps.  OK?  See you next week! -- GREG

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