Sunday, January 27, 2013

Hello from Jake

Happy spring semester everyone!

My name is Jacob Ineichen and I'm a second year SLIS student here at UW-Madison.  I'm currently working as a teaching assistant for the Professional Leaning Team in the Office of Education Outreach and Partnerships, part of the School of Education.  We do professional development for practicing teachers through workshops, conferences, and online courses.  I really enjoy it.

Turning to library school, I don't really know specifically what kind of librarian I want to be, so I've taken the classes that interest me, instead of trying to focus on one specialization.  Some of my scholarly interests include print and digital culture, linked data, and, recently, critical cartography.  I took History of Books and Print Culture last semester and am really excited to look at the future of print this spring to complement the foundation I was given about its past.

And here's a picture of me:

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