Monday, January 28, 2013

Hello from Tracy

I posted my original introduction as a comment on the class introductory post, but thought I'd post again here and add a photo.

I am Tracy Boehm and I am a second year student at SLIS. Though my career goals revolve around technical services, traditional cataloging and metadata, my true passion lies with the difficulties single issue comics present in the realm of technical services.

I am very interested in the future of print in regards to single issue comics as more title are moving to the digital realm, as more born-digital and digital first titles are released, and the combination of print and digital media with the release of Marvel's AR (Augmented Reality) digital integration of print comics which not only combines print and digital items, but also the fictitious stories and non-fiction short videos.

Here is one of my husband's and my favorite engagement pictures, which also accurately illustrates our reading habits.

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