Monday, January 28, 2013

Hello Classmates!

Hello all!

I know I'm late introducing myself. Sorry about that! My name is Ambar Meneses-Hall and I am on my last semester of course work for my PhD in Literary Studies. I am taking this course as part of my minor and I am really excited about making the e-book for the final class project. Being a Literary Studies Graduate Student who hopes to teach literature classes in the future I am certainly concerned with the future of print, traditional paper print as well as digital, which is certainly all the rage among undergrads who do not want to purchase hardback textbooks anymore.

I am taking this class both because it sounded cool and because as a PhD student one is always looking for ways to enhance one's resume. I hope that becoming savvier about print mediums will be one way of doing that. I am currently taking two other course that I hope I will be able to relate to this one in my Distributed Minor rationale letter. I think that there is definitely room for communication between them. I am taking CA 950 Writing Media History with Prof. Hilmes and that course will look at the difficulty of doing media history and history of the recent past when non printed (!) sources are the main primary sources, such as television. I am taking also talking "ENG 706 Rhetoric and the Nonhuman" (nonhuman = objects) at the English and I think I will be able to talk about "print" as an object (and from there it will get complicated =))

Here is a picture of me taken with my IPhone over the last half hour =)

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