Monday, April 1, 2013

NYT article on web-based newspaper revenue models

This short article in the NYT today is relevant to our discussions from a few weeks ago ...
Newspapers, once reluctant to try to charge readers for access to their Web sites, have begun doing so in droves.
Across many of the developed economies of America, Europe and Asia, so-called pay walls are proliferating as publishers struggle to make up for dwindling revenue on their print products. Online advertising, once seen as the great hope for the future, has begun leveling off, which is accelerating the push for new Internet business models.
“Why now?” said Douglas McCabe, an analyst at Enders Analysis in London. “The outlook for digital advertising for all but the very largest sites looks increasingly challenging. Therefore, it is critical that news services experiment with subscription models.”
The trend has taken in some longtime holdouts, like The Washington Post, which said in March that it would start charging online readers this summer. Elsewhere in the United States, The San Francisco Chronicle also recently announced plans to start digital subscriptions, and the total number of American newspapers with pay walls has climbed to more than 300.
Read more at the original article by Eric Pfanner.

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