Sunday, April 7, 2013

Wimberley and McClean

Yet again, I have had another week where it was incredibly difficult to find information about the authors of the article, “Supermarket Savvy: The Everyday Information-Seeking Behavior of Grocery Shoppers”. As there were no titles, locations, or appreciation section in the article, I decided to first look in Web of Science to see if Sara L. Wimberley or Jessica L. McClean has published any other articles which could be crossed referenced. Neither Wimberley nor McClean have any other citations listed in Web of Science. However, using Web of Science, both of their last known organizations was the University of Texas Austin and that their publication years were only 2012. So, I went over to the University of Texas-Austin’s website and searched the directory. I could not find either of them listed in the directory under students or staff. This led me to believe that they were perhaps graduate students at the University of Texas – Austin or when this article was published.

I was able to find some information about Jessica McClean on her LinkedIn profile which states that she is currently an Undergraduate Instruction and Outreach Librarian at Texas State University. On the iSchool’s website 2012 Open House Agenda (link here) which mentions both McClean and Wimberley. It states that McClean had professional experience with a title of, “Using Patron-Focused Cataloging to Increase Accessibility of a Graphic Novel Collection” which took place at Cedar Park Public Library. There was also an article in “The Daily Texan” in which McClean discusses activities for banned books week.

I could find no information about Sara Wimberley on LinkedIn, Facebook, the University of Texas directory or anywhere else. On the iSchool’s website 2012 Open House Agenda it states that Sara Wimberley had a practicum experience with Instructional Library at Stephen F. Austin High School. It would also appear that she is now a school librarian at Bailey Middles School Library (link here). 

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