Monday, April 22, 2013

Suggested readings about hyperlocal news

There has been an explosion of writing and scholarship over the last several years about the potential of hyperlocal news as a viable business strategy for newspapers and news-gathering organizations. Two articles, in particular,  helped me to understand and analyze the promise and the pitfalls of hyperlocal news. The first was "Local and Niche Sites," a chapter of a 2011 report by the Columbia Journalism Review about the Business of Digital Journalism.  The second was a 2011 article in the American Journalism Review about "Hyperlocal Heroes" that provided good in-depth description and analysis of some of the most successful hyperlocal news sites.

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  1. Hi Greg, these are good resources.

    From a UK perspective you might be interested in my 2012 landscape report: - which was used to kickstart a $1.6m fund for new ideas by the NESTA, an innovation agency.

    They also published some recent, and very interesting, data on demand in the UK for hyperlocal media:

    Previously there hadn't been much interest in this space, but that's grown over the last year:

    Hope these links are useful.



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