Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Accessibility for the disabled, and those who are digitally divided

The brainstorming session for group one produced many possibilities on how to address the issue of accessibility. When we talk about accessibility, we need to make sure that we look at how print, and non print materials are made available to people with disabilities that are both seen an unseen. Access must also extend to those who are trapped in the digital divide.  How can technology improve education for those who are marginalized? How can we make laptops available to all students, especially those whose parents cannot  afford one?  Can having the latest technology available in the home reduce and eventually eliminate the achievement gap?  These and other related questions are ones that we will wrestle with and struggle to answer in our assignment.


  •  ·         Publishers and audiences (zines, self-publishing)

  • ·         Scholars, fan groups

  • ·         Disabled

  • ·         Minorities…

  • ·         Non text

  • ·         Printing and print materials

  • ·         Inscription

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