Sunday, February 17, 2013


The Future of the Book – Analysis of Finkelstein and McCleery
·         Technology –The World Wide Web is the cure all, allows quick retrieval of text, audio, visual and fast moving pictures; Paul Duguid supersession & liberation is the idea that new tech replaces (displaces) & erases the old.
·         Industry organization – The Walt Disney Company is a good example of a global media giant, it dominates in everything from books, media networks, theme parks, studios, retail stores, etc.
·         Readership – Unfortunately, the western world doesn’t get around much to leisure reading anymore. The authors make a strong statement when they say “the critical issue is no longer illiteracy but aliteracy: those who can read but will not read books.”
·         The State’s role – Could or should the state be  involved in driving the direction of change for books? Perhaps the state could subsidize books like it does corn in agriculture.  This may be a way for the State to make sure that “books continue to be available to readers even if they are not financially viable to produce and sell.”

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