Sunday, February 24, 2013

Rachel ideas: value-added print

My interest goes beyond comparing text in pixels to ink. What does the electronic environment offer us that flat/stable print can not? I'm thinking about the purpose of print, especially in re journalism and librarianship.

1-2: Print/Text as a vehicle for participation: One of the largest printing operations in the world, the US Government, is in the process of revamping/reimagining how its publishing will best serve democracy. It's testing ways to provide information dynamically, and simplifying understanding of legislation, participation in regulations, digitizing archival materials, tailored action alerts, multilingual features, transparency and accessible technologies. Since we're in the thick of the digital initiatives and beta testing, perhaps we could look at how to evaluate effectiveness and efficieny, based on the values of access to information. This crosses discussions of digital divide, freedom of speech/press, technology and journalism.

3. Missing from the discussion of the cycle of journalism is: what do people do with the information? Last week's readings focused on newsrooms/production and stopped with distribution and circulation. Perhaps journalism should look to the way libraries understand and assess their roles and success (user-driven/patron-driven)?

4. How can journalism and libraries partner together? What can each provide? And, why don't journalists know what libraries are and do?

5. What does print provide us that digital can not? What reading suits what? Can we find a way to include these features in digital development?

6. How, when there is so much more information available is there so much more misinformation?

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