Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ambar's Rhetoric Blog Project

Hello Classmates,

I wanted to share with you a blog I created for another class. It is for my "Rhetoric and the Non-Human" seminar but is actually related to what we are doing in this class, namely creating an e-book. I have titled this blog "E-Book Eclectic's Make-Believe Game" and it is a make-believe game meant to help students understand our relationship to e-books and books (the non-humans) and their relationship to each other and to other objects. This is a game of metaphor, so you are supposed to speculate what an e-book would "feel" like, if it were a person. Check out the cool images I created to help thought along. 

You are invited to participate by posting:

I also created a Facebook "public figure" page for "E-Book Eclectic" my fictional e-book person. (Please "like" it on Facebook if you have a moment)



Here is one of the images I created to give the "E-Book Eclectic" a personality:
There are more cool pictures on the blog.

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