Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Readings for February 18

This week we'll focus on tools for understanding the future of print in the context of journalism.  First, I have pulled three readings from my own archive.  (One of the readings is actually two chapters from a book, but I think it will make sense that way, as it is the introduction and the conclusion.)

  • Pablo J. Boczkowski, chapters 1 and 7 from Digitizing the News: Innovation in Online Newspapers (2004).  These chapters are entitled "Emerging Media" and "When we were print people."
  • Bill Kovach and Tom Rosenstiel, "What we need from the 'next journalism,'" in Blur: How to Know What's True in the Age of Information Overload (2010).
  • James Fallows, "How to save the news," The Atlantic (June 2010).
Add to this one of the readings that Jacob kindly supplied from his literature search:
  • Bill Reader, "Free press vs. free speech?  The rhetoric of 'civility' in regard to anonymous online comments," Journalism & Mass Communication Quarterly (2012).
So those are your four readings (five PDF files since the Boczkowski is in two parts) and they are on the web repository now.

Here are the assignments:
  • Jordan: Summary of Boczkowski chapters
  • Teresa: Summary of Kovach and Rosenstiel chapter
  • Benjamin: Summary of Fallows article
  • Mei: Summary of Reader article
  • Greg: Author discovery for Boczkowski
  • Andew: Author discovery for Kovach and Rosenstiel
  • Jacob: Author discovery for Fallows
  • Angela: Author discovery for Reader
  • Mitch, Zach and Melissa: Propose questions for discussion
  • Ambar and Janetta: Take notes

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