Thursday, February 7, 2013

Hello from Rachel D.

Saluton amikoj,

I'm Rachel, slipping in under the gun, as per usual. This is my third year at UW, working on a MLS with a Gender/Women's Studies Concentration.

I have experience in making the switch from Print to Digital with general tech-geeky things, and specifically on the launch team of Conde Net, the online division of Conde Nast.

I'm a big fan of interface design, facilitating transmission from screen to brain, and why, when so much accurate information is we work and vote for things that will literally kill us.

But what I'll bring to the class is work in Government Information/Docs. We're entering the third out of the four-stage of the digital gov initiative, and nearly every day new portals, data, apps, declassified docs, regulations for comment, agency sites, and other efforts/opportunities for democratic participation. Federal Register, Census, GPO/FDSys (the source of all federal documents), are all in beta.

Most gov sites are interactive, delivering data/information impossible in print. But there are many gov documents impossible in digital form (try muckraking when you have to compare four 90-page Sentencing Commission reports a page at a time)...

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  1. one quick thing potentially of interest.

    The loss of print past.

    "FREEDOM, a legendary anarchist bookstore in east London, was firebombed on Friday morning. This is the store that Peter Kropotkin helped found in the 19th century, and the home of a monthly newspaper that published Emma Goldman. No one was hurt, and no one seems to know who did it, or why. The store was uninsured."

    Quoted from Boing Boing


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