Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Six themes

From our last discussion, our six themes will roughly cover the following situated contexts (I'm bringing a bit more specificity to them in order to narrow our focus):

  • amateur or nontraditional publishing in print and online, with the goal of reaching a specific community of interest or affiliation
  • state-sponsored education and literacy efforts, with the goal of bringing the tools for personal and economic advancement to the public in an equitable way
  • for-profit news publishing in print and online, with the goal of producing an informed public
  • non-profit librarianship encompassing both print and digital information organization practices, with the goal of providing information for a diverse community
  • local business or community service marketing to a target public through print or online means
  • scholarly knowledge production and publication for research and teaching in both print and online venues
Next week we'll start with the first theme, amateur or nontraditional publishing, through six articles focused on "zines" and "blogs":
  • Cenite M et al 2009 NM&S = Doing the right thing online.pdf
  • Duncombe S 1997 selections = Notes from underground - Zines and the politics of alternative culture.pdf
  • Gunderloy M et al 1992 selections = The world of zines - A guide to the independent magazine revolution.pdf
  • Levinson P 2009 ch 02 = New New Media - Blogging.pdf
  • Lopez L 2009 NM&S = The radical act of mommy blogging.pdf
  • Shirky C 2008 ch 03 = Here comes everybody - Everyone is a media outlet.pdf
Here are the assignments for next week:
  • Bard and Bond: Cenite article summary and author info, respectively
  • Bottomley and Ineichen: Duncombe article summary and author info, respectively
  • Marshall and Meneses-Hall: Gunderloy article summary and author info, respectively 
  • Pratesi and Roeder: Levinson article summary and author info, respectively
  • Stalker and Boehm: Lopez article summary and author info, respectively
  • Toff and Zhang: Shirky article summary and author info, respectively
  • Pegues: Take notes
All of the articles are uploaded and ready to read.  Cheers, GREG

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