Friday, March 1, 2013

Bill Reader replies

We recently read an article by Bill Reader on news web site commenting practices.  As sometimes happens in a class that has a public-facing component such as this discussion blog, our writings were noticed by the author himself, and Bill Reader kindly contacted me.  He gave me permission to post the following:
Greg -- thanks for including my recent J&MCQ article in your 'Future of Print' seminar. If you or any of your students have questions about the research (including the stuff that couldn't fit into the article for space reasons), I'd be happy to respond. I also am just wrapping up a research trip to media houses in The Bahamas, and have some initial observations about print media in this developing U.S. neighbor; I'd be happy to share thoughts with your class along those lines if it helps (for example, why print newspapers remain so popular here despite the very high costs of printing and near ubiquity of wifi and cellular service).
I've authorized Bill as a writer on the blog and invited him to engage in comments on this post (or any others).  You can also contact him individually; his email can be found on his web site.

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