Saturday, March 30, 2013

Author Bio - Elizabeth Losh

Elizabeth Losh, courtesy of UC Irvine Today

Elizabeth Losh is the author of the book Virtualpolitk (2009), from which our chapter of discussion comes. Before and after (stopping last year), she maintained a blog of the same name (though it was hosted on Google’s Blogspot servers).

Losh is the Director of Academic Programs for Sixth College at the University of California-San Diego. She received her doctorate in English from the Univeristy of California-Irvine under the poetry scholar James McMichael, though her current research interests are in critical theory, rhetoric, digital humanities/literature and feminist theory. She attends and presents at conferences related to popular culture, rhetoric and digital studies.

She earned many internal grants while a student at UC-Irvine, mostly related to education, student development and virtual environments/digital studies.

In addition to Virtualpolitk, she’s published or submitted many articles that combine digital humanities, game studies and feminist theory, mostly in journals related to rhetoric. The chapter we read seems to have grown out of a 2004 article published in Literary and Linguistic Computing and is the only work she’s done explicitly related to information studies/science. 

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