Saturday, March 30, 2013

Pew Internet & American Life Project

Pew Internet
Pew Internet & American Life Project

The Pew Research Center (PRC) is a well-respected, nonpartisan, research organization. PRC is committed to informing the public about shifting attitudes, issues, and trends that shape America and the world at large. PRC conducts unbiased demographic research, media content analysis, as well as public opinion polls. Elected officials, and various individuals associated and concerned with civic life often cite Pew studies in news reports. In fact, David A. Bell cites the Pew Internet & American Life Project in The New Republic article (2) from this week’ reading. PRC is an impartial, independent “fact tank” that does not offer opinions or take policy positions. It is a subsidiary of the Pew Charitable Trust.    


Kathryn Zickuhr
Research Analyst at the Pew Research Center


Lee Rainie
Director, Pew Research Internet & American Life Project

Kristen Purcell
Associate Director, Research, Pew Internet Project


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