Monday, March 4, 2013

Design Group Meeting Minutes

Hello Class, 

Jordan, Managing Editor for the Design Group asked me to post up my notes from the Design Group meeting. Tracy also took notes and she may post them soon.

Design Group Meeting Summary:

What will the design group do?

We will coordinate the look and feel of each section and of the final product as a whole.
As soon as possible we will create a prototype of a section and of the final product.
We would like to know how long each section will be.

Images & Multimedia:

Individual writers may submit their individually chosen or created royalty-free images, multimedia elements, videos, and so on. The design group can also supply these as necessary. Someone in the design group will be in charge of making sure that all images and multimedia elements are royalty free. The same person or someone else will be in charge of making sure proper attribution is given to original creators.
Prof. Downey reminded us that we could make our own images by taking our own pictures.

Tentative Division of Labor:

Managing Editor = Jordan
Technical Editor = Jacob
Multimedia = (Ben?)
Layouts = Ambar
Typography = Andrew
Permissions & Copyrights = Tracy
Hyperlinks/ Proofing = Mei


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