Saturday, March 16, 2013

Summary: Bob Callahan's "No More Yielding but a Dream"

[A Brief History of the Comic Book]

1930s – Newspapers start repackaging daily comic strips as pulp books
1938 – Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster invent Superman
1940 – Sheldon Mayer creates an anti-Superman: Scribbly
1941 – Jack Cole creates Plastic Man
1950s – Pioneer Harvey Kurtzman publishes Two-Fisted Tales, Frontline Combat, and Mad
1954 – Comics Code Authority (complements of McCarthy): “comics cause kids to behave violently and challenge social norms and authority figures”
Thus, Kurtzman announces, “Comics Go Underground”
1960s – Stan Lee reinvents Marvel’s line of superheroes along with artists like Jack Kirby; opposition to Comics Code in the mainstream
1965 – Counter-cultural artists including comic artists flock to San Francisco and New York’s Lower East Side; LSD
Robert Crumb (influenced by Kurtzman) starts publishing gag cartoons
1968 (Feb 25) – Robert Crumb, Dana Crumb, Don Donahue, and Charlie Plymell put together Zap Comix and distribute from a baby carriage in San Francisco

1972 – Justin Green creates Binky Brown Meets the Blessed Virgin Mary
Art Spiegelman (Green’s roommate) publishes his first “Maus” comic book; Maus establishes the comic as a sophisticated medium
1977 – Spiegelman and his partner Francouise Mouly begin producing comic magazine Raw; in general, they attempt to mess with boundaries between high and low culture
1980s – Frank Miller and Alan Moore reinvent DC comics heroes: Daredevil and Batman, and Swamp Thing respectively
Moore and Dave Gibbon create Watchmen
1990s – Neil Gaiman creates Sandman while working for DC Comics
Published under Fantagraphics, Daniel Clowes writes Lloyd Llewellyn and Eightball, and Chris Ware creates characters like Jimmy Corrigan, the Smartest Kid on Earth

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