Monday, March 18, 2013

Resource for final project: DesignLab

The UW-Madison DesignLab would be a good resource to take advantage of in putting together design ideas for the final project:
Colleagues and friends of DesignLab, 

DesignLab has been open since September, and the students we consult with give us very high marks for our services. We would love more of them!

If you have students doing digital projects for courses or prof'l development, I encourage you to encourage them to make a DesignLab appointment. And if you know you have students coming our way, please send any project info you can, as it's really useful for our TA consultants.

Thanks, Jon

Jon McKenzie
Director • DesignLab •
Professor of English • University of Wisconsin-Madison
6143 Helen C. White • 600 N. Park St. • Madison, WI 53706 USA •

See smart media at the Digital Salon:

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