Monday, February 4, 2013

James Danky on the Future of Print

From The Toronto Review of Books ...

TRB Podcast: James Danky on the Future of Print
On November 15, the Toronto Centre for the Book and the Centre for the Study of the United States invited Professor James Danky to deliver his lecture entitled “Protest on the Page and the Future of Print, Lecture in Two Parts.”

Listen and enjoy!

In this talk, presented at the University of Toronto’s Munk School of Global Affairs, Prof. Danky details the various ways scholars see protest on the page (including screens) from the 19th Century down to the present. Technology has changed the ways we communicate and more changes are ahead. For scholars of print these developments can be disquieting as they seem to call into question the role of the past. But print has a bright, if changing future, and the print culture community can help to shape that discussion. By participating fully in an area dominated by corporations, print culture can keep a focus on the reader, which after all, is the point. [from the TCB press release]

James Danky is founded the Center for the History of Print and Digital Culture at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 1992 and was director until 2006. Danky directs the Future of Print Project for the Center and is at work on a book on the topic. The author/editor of more than thirty books (and more recently electronic products) from university presses like Harvard, North Carolina, Illinois and Wisconsin as well as library/specialty houses. His last book was Underground Classics: The Transformation of Comics into Comix (Abrams).

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